5 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

You need to exercise. Period. And you may be thinking—several times a week, “Well, I just don’t have the TIME to exercise!”

Well, now you have NO excuses. Try these simple daily exercise strategies:

5 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

1. Instead of emailing your co-worker, walk to their work station. If you are walking around your office for just two minutes every time you deliver a message, that’s about 1.09 pounds of fat in a year and about 11 pounds of fat in 10 years!

2. Climb the stairs! Instead of the elevator or excavator, use the steps. If you’re in a very tall building, get off the elevator a few flights before yours and walk up the rest. It’s a great way to strengthen your muscles, heart and bones!

3. Install a chin-up bar. These days, you can pop an over-the-door chin-up bar and do some pull-ups whenever you walk through that door. You can get some great ones for about $35 at any sporting goods store. They install easily. Just be sure to follow the installation instructions!

4. Phone fitness. On the phone a lot? Instead of sitting around, walk back and forth. Pace and talk. But, do it rapidly, not just slow walking.

5. Shoppercise! Doing some mall or grocery shopping? Walk around the mall or stores (if it’s safe) for about twenty minutes before going in!

Look. This isn’t rocket science. You need to exercise everyday. Just. Do. It.

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