Are You Addicted To Chocolate?

Does the thought of eating chocolate just consume your daily thoughts? Do you yearn for the taste and the texture of chocolate?

Are You Addicted To Chocolate?

Do you eat and eat and eat that chocolate until it’s all gone — every last bit — and then kick yourself afterwards saying that you’ll never do that again?

But, you do…?

So, are you addicted to chocolate?

First, let me say that I truly believe that most people bandy about the word “addiction” way too much. Many times, a weight loss client will say that she’s “addicted to food”, which I always find a bit odd. I mean, we all have to eat food or we die. You need to eat, so eating is not an addiction.

The “addiction” is just the excuse for bad eating behavior.

And, fortunately, with hypnosis you can change your bad eating habits and behaviors!

[Realize that the following is not medical advice in any way and is just my own opinion from my years of successfully helping my clients lose weight. — Bryan Toder]

A true addiction is where your body will start having physical withdrawals from the substance. And, let me tell you that if you stop eating chocolate (all kidding aside), you will not have withdrawal symptoms. You will not die.

So, what is it?
It’s a compulsion.

A compulsion is where you are getting pleasure and pain from the same action. Eating too much chocolate is a compulsion. Watching too much TV is a compulsion. Smoking is a compulsion.

So, how can you easily fix eating too much chocolate? Get hypnotized. Really. It works.

The cravings are in your mind and hypnosis will help you create the change you deserve. It’s easy and almost effortless. And, you’ll lose weight in the process!

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