Read My Lips Interview with Bonnie Graham for “Get Thin—Be Happy”

May 7, 2012: Did you ever hear “weight loss” and “hypnosis”  in the same sentence? Bryan Toder, author of Get Thin—Be Happy, weight loss specialist and hypnotist, has a great way to help you lose real weight—for good. — 15 min., 14 sec.

We Are All In Such A Hurry!

We Are All In Such A Hurry! - Get Thin—Be Happy

Jump out of bed. Grab a donut and coffee. Eat in your car. Eat at your desk. Wow. Why are we in such a hurry when we eat?! When you read Get Thin—Be Happy, you learn about the Messiah-Martyr Syndrome, where you end up putting yourself last—behind everyone else. So, instead of taking care of yourself, you […]