How To Say “No” to Those Tasty Foods

So, you’re out and about at a restaurant or social gathering and there are so many temptations in the way of food. How do you say “No” to all of that?

How To Say "No" to Those Tasty Foods

Here are a few easy-to-do tips:

• Eat before you go. Yes, ruin your appetite. So many people go to a wedding or event starving because—in their head—they hear their mother saying,” Don’t spoil your appetite! There’ll be food there!!” Well, eat a half a sandwich before you go. (Sorry, mom.)

• Lie. Say that you’re allergic! Or lactose-intolerant. Or something. Yes, lie about it. Then, eat something healthy… or not at all!

• Tell someone. If you mention to a friend that you can’t eat a certain food, you may be just too self-conscious to eat it.

Okay, now go have some fun.

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