How To Shrink A Pot Belly

Got a Pot Belly?
Embarrassing, isn’t it?
Nothing fits and, well… it’s a mess, right?

Okay, let’s do a few things to get your waistline in shape!

1. Skip the late-night snacks or meals. All night long, you are digesting food and not really “sleeping”. Also, over many years, continually eating late at night stretches out your stomach muscles—creating a pot belly!

2. The beer. Okay, you love beer. We get it. Just drink less of it. You’ll have less visceral fat stored and it also causes that hard feeling pot belly. They don’t call it a “beer belly” for nothing!

3. Stand up straight! Your mom said it. Your teachers said it. They were right. Stand up tall and you’ll have less of a belly showing.

4. Crunch it! Do some crunches and strengthen-up your stomach muscles. (Remember, though, you’ll need to lose the fat around the ab muscles to see them.)

Don’t know how? Here’s a quick video:

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