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Fitness Products That I Personally Use (or Used) and Highly Recommend for You

In my office, I get SO many people asking me what to eat or what’s the BEST exercise program for them. And, going a gym is expensive and a waste, since most people quit after a few visits.

To get myself fit, I have personally invested in several BeachBody programs. (BeachBody is the company that produces P90X, Insanity, etc.) Of course, I only do one at a time. 🙂

My thing about working out at home is this: When you go to a gym, you need to get dressed, travel there (even in bad weather!), park, change, wait, exercise, wait, exercise, wait, take a class, change, drive back… this could take up to THREE HOURS some days!

When I exercise at home, I brush my teeth, change, start a DVD and workout. About 40 minutes later, I jump in the shower.

Commute time = ZERO!

Now, truth be told, not all of BeachBody’s programs are good. Some really stink! (RevAbs… I returned it. Ugh!)

Here are some of the BEST programs from BeachBody:

[As with all fitness programs, please consult with your personal physician before beginning any fitness or exercise program.]

P90 — This is an UPDATED version of the original Power 90 program, the precursor to P90X. If you are beginner or just out-of-shape and need something to get you into shape to do a more advanced program, this is the one to start with!

Slim in 6 — A low-impact workout anyone can do. Debbie Siebers combines cardio with light resistance moves to burn fat and sculpt your abs, thighs, and buns fast. An easy and fun program for beginners.

10-Minute Trainer — P90X’s Tony Horton stacked his most effective moves into a series of 10-minute total-body workouts that will show you real results in 60 days. Not a very hard program, but it’s not so easy. If you can’t find ten minutes then nothing will help!

P90X — Ah! The mother of all great workout programs! You can do this, but you need to be in some shape to do it. Tony Horton is very entertaining and an amazing teacher. It’s a safe and wonderful program. I did it for two years before moving on to something else.

T-25 — This is a great (mostly cardio) workout for those with a time-crunch. Like the name implies, it’s a 25-minute workout with a few minutes to cool down. Warning: You must do a warmup for several minutes and it’s NOT on these DVDs! I temporarily hurt my shoulder doing T-25 because I didn’t warm up!

P90X3 — This is the THIRD incarnation of P90X and it’s a 30-minute workout version of an updated P90X, if that makes sense. It’s a good program.

Insanity — Like the name implies, it’s a CRAZY cardio fitness program that will get you in shape in just 60 days. This is NOT for the light-hearted. It’s hard. VERY hard. No, insanely hard. Really. If you’re ready, just get it!

Body Beast — This is the program I am currently on and it’s hard. Tough. Beast-tough! 12 extreme workout that will get you into muscle shape in 90 days. It’s hard and an ADVANCED training program… not for beginners!

Need Food?

BeachBody has a line of Shakeology drinks that are FOOD. Real food. Try them out.

If you want to know more about these programs and/or Shakeology, just go to this link here. Do I “get something” for recommending you? Yeah, I do. But, it’s quite minimal and I signed up as a “coach” so I can give you a personal link to the information.