Got a Pot Belly? Here Are Some Tips On How To Get Rid Of It!

Tips on how to get rid of a pot belly

Summertime is approaching so we have provided a few tips below to help you get rid of that pesky pot belly, check them out: Okay, let’s do a few things to get your waistline in shape! 1. Skip the late-night snacks or meals. All night long, you are digesting food and not really “sleeping”. Also, over […]

Another Reason To Love Exercise!

Did you know that exercise can fix insomnia? The theory is that exercise boosts the feelings of well-being that counteract the negative emotions that can interfere with your sleep. So, exercise more (remember… SIX days a week!) and you’ll sleep better. And Women: Women who exercise four or more hours a week have a 58 percent […]

Over 65? Increase Your Muscle Strength!

17 Fitness Tips That May Actually Have You Exercising!

If you are over 65, you may now have weak muscles. And, you need a nice layer of muscle to burn fat. Recently, some findings showed that those over 65  who did weight-resistance exercises for one hour, three times a week for six months may increase their muscle strength by fifty percent! So, get some […]

5 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

You need to exercise. Period. And you may be thinking—several times a week, “Well, I just don’t have the TIME to exercise!” Well, now you have NO excuses. Try these simple daily exercise strategies: 5 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day 1. Instead of emailing your co-worker, walk to their work station. If you are walking around […]