The Truth Behind 10 Health Food Fads

Superfoods have become part of our everyday vocabulary with chia seeds and spirulina as common in supermarkets as digestive biscuits. However, despite a loyal following from health bloggers and A-listers alike, not all these healthy eating rituals are as ‘super’ for us as they might have you believe. Although, in the right doses, there’s no […]

5 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Here Are FIVE Good Ways To Lose TEN Pounds: 1. The Switcheroo — Double the size of your veggie portions, while cutting the simple or starchy carbs. 2. Eat On Smaller Plates — Eat everything on your plate!! (As long as it’s a small plate, no problem, right?) 3. Rinse the Veggies — Okay, here’s a new one. Rinse canned […]

How To Say “No” to Those Tasty Foods

How To Say "No" to Those Tasty Foods

So, you’re out and about at a restaurant or social gathering and there are so many temptations in the way of food. How do you say “No” to all of that? Here are a few easy-to-do tips: • Eat before you go. Yes, ruin your appetite. So many people go to a wedding or event starving because—in […]



Cravings are tortuous for some people. Many clients in my office use cravings as the excuse to start binging-out and eating the wrong foods—to just too much food. But, did you know: Even a strong food craving usually dissipates within four to twelve minutes?! Ride out the cravings. Remember that cravings are just feelings not a […]