We Are All In Such A Hurry!

Jump out of bed. Grab a donut and coffee. Eat in your car. Eat at your desk. Wow. Why are we in such a hurry when we eat?!

We Are All In Such A Hurry! - Get Thin—Be Happy

When you read Get Thin—Be Happy, you learn about the Messiah-Martyr Syndrome, where you end up putting yourself last—behind everyone else.

So, instead of taking care of yourself, you are struggling to keep things together. And, doing that will make you late… causing you to not plan ahead… causing you to become even more late… causing you to rush…

See where I am going with this?

So, how can you fix this?

Plan ahead. It’s really so easy. Plan your exercise time, your meal times and your play times.

Yes, plan them.

Almost all of my weight loss clients have this problem when they first begin their program. They never have enough time because they are always taking care of everyone else!

However, once they schedule the times for exercise and eating into their day, the rushing stops. They don’t need to scramble to get “something in their stomach.”

You’ll need an appointment book. And, yes, schedule the eating times. Set a timer on your phone if you need to. Just do it and you’ll find that your days will not only be less hectic, but more healthy, too!

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