Why Your Weight Loss Is Like High Gas Prices

A week or so ago I was in my office explaining talking to a client about our metabolism. He was wondering about eating less food and I was explaining why that’s not such a great strategy.

Why Your Weight Loss Is Like High Gas Prices

So, I was thinking about the current gas situation with its high prices. (How’s that for a transition?) Think about this:

Let’s say that prices at the pump are so high that you could only afford to put in just a bit of gas in your tank. Just enough to get by.

Well, do you think you’d be making unnecessary trips? Zooming at high speeds on the highway? Cruising around?


You’d just take necessary trips to the food store, for instance.

Your body is like your car. If you reduce the fuel intake (see where I’m going with this?) and you eat less food, your body will lower its metabolism and slow down. To burn less fuel. No unnecessary trips, if you know what I mean.

So, remember to eat. At least three meals a day. No skipping meals!

Put fuel in your tank and watch your metabolism rise.

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