5 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Here Are FIVE Good Ways To Lose TEN Pounds:

1. The Switcheroo — Double the size of your veggie portions, while cutting the simple or starchy carbs.

2. Eat On Smaller Plates — Eat everything on your plate!! (As long as it’s a small plate, no problem, right?)

3. Rinse the Veggies — Okay, here’s a new one. Rinse canned vegetables for a full minute. You’ll cut the salt by 40 percent—and reduce your water retention. Hmmm.

4. Un-Fat The Soup — Before heating up soups, drop ice cubes into the soup (or refrigerate the soup) and then lift the fat off the top!

5. Under A Mile — If the trip is under a mile, make the commitment to walk or bike the distance. This is the best way to lose the fat quickly—exercise!

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