Do It For YOU…!

Do It For YOU...! Lose Weight

So many people want to lose weight—but for someone else. Their spouse, their mother, their boss… …but, unless you want to lose weight for YOURSELF, you are probably doomed to fail. I have a client who kept gaining and losing weight. Up and down, up and down. All her life. Discouraging and exhausting. However, once […]

How To Say “No” to Those Tasty Foods

How To Say "No" to Those Tasty Foods

So, you’re out and about at a restaurant or social gathering and there are so many temptations in the way of food. How do you say “No” to all of that? Here are a few easy-to-do tips: • Eat before you go. Yes, ruin your appetite. So many people go to a wedding or event starving because—in […]



Cravings are tortuous for some people. Many clients in my office use cravings as the excuse to start binging-out and eating the wrong foods—to just too much food. But, did you know: Even a strong food craving usually dissipates within four to twelve minutes?! Ride out the cravings. Remember that cravings are just feelings not a […]

Why Your Weight Loss Is Like High Gas Prices

Why Your Weight Loss Is Like High Gas Prices

A week or so ago I was in my office explaining talking to a client about our metabolism. He was wondering about eating less food and I was explaining why that’s not such a great strategy. So, I was thinking about the current gas situation with its high prices. (How’s that for a transition?) Think about […]

Changes To Make You Thinner

Here are some very quick-and-easy things you can do to change your life to lose weight. This may also motivate you to do some of the “harder” things you must do to really shed those pounds and keep them off. • Make Exercise a Priority. Exercise will reduce your stress levels by releasing endorphins. WHen you are […]