Kitchen Nightmares and Hypnosis… What is the Connection?

I have a new favorite TV show: Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. And, anyone reading this may start to say, “Okay, but what’s that got to do with hypnotism?” Good question. And the answer is nothing.

Kitchen Nightmares and Hypnosis... What is the Connection?

And everything.

Confused? Good. Here Is What I Mean…

Hypnosis is about change, right? Change in habits. Change in life. Change. So I am watching these shows (they are very addictive) where the restaurant owner is hemorrhaging money by the thousands every week. Some will lose their homes very soon. And, in comes Gordon Ramsay to the rescue. (It’s a reality TV show, so I really don’t know if they pay him to come to their restaurant, but he shows up to save the day.)

First, he eats a full meal from the menu. Usually, it’s awful. He observes the staff, the patrons (if any) and how the place looks. He’ll check out the kitchen and the staff and then comes back the next day.

Then, The Fun Happens!

He basically rips their heads off (using the F-word almost every 5 seconds!) and shows them the filth in the kitchen, how badly the meal was prepared, how some of the food in storage is poisonous, how the wait staff and management was inept and on and on and on.

The funny thing is that Ramsay, who is from England, owns many successful restaurants and pubs all over the world and is a world-class chef, does know what he’s talking about.

The Fight Begins

But, do they listen with rapt attention waiting to scrap their beloved menu, decor and such? Ha. No. They fight him tooth and nail.

Now, you would think that if you were about to lose your house and business that you would probably listen to this bloke, right? But fights break out and words are shouted… it’s a real hoot to watch!

So What Has This Got To Do With Hypnosis?

These people hate change. They just hate it!

And, so will many of you.

YOU will NEED to CHANGE—or nothing will ever get done. (I can’t put it any simpler than that.)

Stay The Course

Make sure you stay the course with this program you are on. If you keep doing what you have done in the past, you will just keep getting the same results.

You may even see this occasionally on the show. In the final few minutes of the show, he revisits the restaurant he “fixed”. Many are doing amazingly well. Some have exceeded his expectations, too!

Some are still struggling because they didn’t do the program he set out for them. Some are gone and out of business.

Isn’t this an amazing metaphor for your weight loss? Do you see it now?

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