What Fitness Programs are the BEST?

I get this question all the time and I created a page here on this site (it’s on the MENU bar above) called Recommended Products.

Now, in my opinion, fitness products that you use at home are the BEST way to get in shape.


Because of the decreased time!

Gyms and Fitness Centers Time Investment: up to THREE HOURS with commuting!

Home Fitness DVDs: The length of the program (10 to 60 minutes) with ZERO commuting!

Now, the objection is usually, “I like being with other people!” or “I won’t do it if I have to do it myself!” or whatever ridiculous excuse pops up.

But, when it’s “too hot” or “too cold” or “it’s rainy” or “I’m too tired to drive!” or “I don’t have the time today…” comes up, you won’t go to the gym anyway, right?

The home DVDs are perfect because all of those above excuses fade away!

So, go to the Recommended Products page and read it. Then, GET ONE! (Just one.) And begin.


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